Worldwide Health Service

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

Comprehensive information, control and logistics services for ideally prepared employees on assignments abroad and the best medical support even in remote and crisis regions.

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We set the highest standards in medical care and supply all over the world

24/7 Service and Emergency Hotline

With a combined service and emergency hotline, you, as an employer, ensure that your employees receive direct medical support by telephone worldwide. Specialists and medical specialists are available around the clock as contact persons.

Medical advice and organizational services

Medical Location Expertise

Assessing local health risks and medical resources in unfamiliar or remote areas is imperative for employers. They enable adequate medical care and the clarification of preventive measures.

Advice and evaluation

Covid-19 Risk Assessments

We support the resilience of your company with solutions to protect your employees abroad. We provide you with the latest global figures and trends and evaluate them from a medical point of view.

Information and medical assessment