Global Risk and Crisis Management

Security Assistance

Travel Risk Management

We stand by your staff in security affairs and in security emergencies - no matter where in the world, no matter what time of day. We follow the principle of risk avoidance through prevention and provide active support in crises.

Security Assistance Reisesicherheit

We stand for comprehensive and individual security solutions - worldwide, preventively and reactive

24/7 availability

With an emergency hotline, you, as the employer, ensure that your employees receive direct telephone support in an emergency. Through our crisis managers and partner networks on site, you are able to help the traveling employees immediately.

Security Emergency Hotline

Travel Security Trainings

We prepare your business travelers practically for challenges in countries with security risks. With country-specific trainings, webinars and e-learning, your project staff and expats receive the necessary know-how to avoid dangerous circumstances and to act in critical situations.

Training Academy

Security Advice

Holistic security concepts create a safe environment when traveling to countries with greater security risks, your business activities and employees. We support you with preventive measures for the security of locations, employees and projects. If your company is affected by an acute crisis situation, we offer you immediate crisis support (response) - worldwide 24/7.

Comprehensive Security Services

Crisis Management

Preventive planning helps companies to be well prepared for various scenarios in the event of an escalation. This can be a suspension or restriction of business operations abroad possibly even triggering the necessity for an evacuation of employees. With the appropriate preparation, companies are then able to make quick and reliable decisions. We create plans with our customers and carry out simulation exercises in order to enhance crisis management skills.

Escalation Planning and Help in the Event of a Crisis